My homeland-not a place I'd ever want to live again given its distance from the ocean (amongst other issues), but still home to the best pork BBQ in the world, as well as "hot chicken" (with which I have been obsessed these past few years). 

May 2018

Summer 2017-Despite numerous efforts, none of my solar eclipse shots are worth two shits (Nashville was in the total exclusion zone). Also, just look at those beautiful ribs from Peg Leg Porker (arguably some of Nashville's finest BBQ). 

Spring 2016-Big Shakes Hot Chicken and Fish in Cool Springs. The best piece of fried fish you will ever eat (I can virtually guarantee it). 

Fall 2015-Goodlettsville, Martin's BBQ (over-rated), Rooster's hot chicken (under-rated), and views from my grandmother's old retirement home (under-appreciated).

Summer 2015-trip 2. Second "destination draft" at Jason's mom's high rise condo in downtown Nash Vegas. 

Summer 2015 trip 1-the first few shots are from the Rendevouz in Memphis, quite possibly the best rib joint in the world (and a great atmosphere).

Winter 2014-Finally found a place serving up authentic and delicious "real" Chinese food (first three pictures). 

Summer 2014-Gatlinburg. The site of our first ever "destination (fantasy football) draft."

Summer 2014-Nashville. That first plate of delicious goodness is from House of Kebab, my favorite Middle Eastern restaurant and one I have been patronizing for 18 years (can't say that about any other restaurant, in fact). 

Spring 2014-Bowman Park (nature shots), Bowser (cute corgi), and "hot chicken."

Spring 2013-You will notice dogs feature heavily in the pictures. Being a nomad, I cannot have one of my home, so I relish the time spent with my parents'. Unfortunately, only Ellis, the first Boston Terrier featured, is still with us. 

Spring 2012-the majority of the photos are from Mansker's Station, an antebellum plantation in Goodlettsville where my mom volunteered. With regard to the last picture, Nashville has, surprisingly, the best Ethiopian restaurant I've ever been to (totally forgot the name, though).

Fall 2011. RIP Daisy (golden retriever)-the world's sweetest buddy.

Winter 2010-2011. RIP Gilbert, aka "Nervous G"