Komodo National Park (trip 2) dive #27: “Siaba Kecil” (2019-1-26) round 2

Dive site notes: This was our second dive off this island, but this time we dived the northeast side, which evidently experiences much stronger currents (depending on the tides). SD card malfunctioned, so unfortunately did not take any pictures. Near-Lembongan-like currents at beginning of dive, but did not have any issues. Easily the fastest current of this trip. Coral was spectacular at nearly all areas visited, though some areas were characterized by slimy algae (potentially cyanobacteria) in 3-6 m. After we turned the corner, visibility increased from 5 to 20 m and water warmed. Coral life was particularly rich at 10-15 m. Plentiful Acropora spp., Montipora spp., Stylophora pistillara (SP), Seriatopora caliendrum (SC), finger Porites spp., all of which over-growing CCA-consolidated rubble. Turtle, small manta ray. Seriatopora hystrix common. Plerogyra, encrusting Isopora (sp?), Galaxea, Pocillopora acuta all relatively common, 50-60% cover @ 15 m. Pachyseris. Among best hard coral of trip. Pocillopora eydouxi, Pocillopora verrucosa, many small reef fish, though nevertheless evidence of over-fishing. Did see one large barracuda. Porites rus, stinging hydroids. High Acropora diversity. Occasional large Acropora table. Nearly all SC were fluorescent green. Tubastrea (rare). Some areas dominated by soft corals but mostly a hard coral-dominated site. Some beautiful Acropora meadows in the shallows. Red/brown algae in some areas.