Komodo National Park (trip 2) dive #29: “Mawan” round 3 (2019-1-26)

Dive site notes: Another amazing manta ray dive, albeit with only 6-9 mantas (instead of 20-30). The coral at the cleaning station was not particularly impressive: broken up Acropora, some Seriatopora, mostly soft coral on rubble. Reef was poorly consolidated though in the process of being colonized by CCA. Fire coral, Pocillopora eydouxi, Seriatopora hystrix, Seriatopora caliendrum, and Stylophora pistillata all very common. Massive Porites (small) and plentiful soft coral. After 45 minutes, decided to explore the reef, which was surprisingly beautiful. Probably one of the most beautiful hard coral spots of the trip. Stinging hydroids were everywhere. Soft coral common in all areas. Diverse and abundant Acropora spp. 25ºC, 10-m viz. Anemones. Pocillopora acuta very common, always darkly pigmented. Mixed hard+soft coral community at 8 m. More structure/rugosity than most sites in area. Reef very colorful at 5-6 m, partially on account of a pretty, turquoise blue sponge. Pocillopora verrucosa, Montipora, Galaxea, Pavona. Very diverse hard coral assemblage. Also saw a black tip reef shark, a giant trevally, and a stingray.