One day early in the trip (2015-1-10) and two later on (2015-2-8 to 2-9) were spent surveying and sampling the bizarre, high-pCO2 reefs of stagnant, isolated, hidden Nikko Bay. No Pocillopora damicornis colonies were sampled; all were later genotyped as Pocillopora acuta.

Screen Shot 2019-03-15 at 12.31.08.png

PaNi01 (2015-1-10)

PaNi01 sampled pocilloporid colonies (n=3). I will overlay the molecular physiological data files onto the images (as per the other “Global Reef Expedition” samples) in the coming months of 2019 (hopefully).

PaNi01 sampled Seriatopora hystrix colony (n=1)

Our return visit at the end of the mission (2015-2-8 to 2-9): PaNi85 (no pocilloporids collected and no seriatoporids observed; please note that this was virtually the same site as PaNi01)

PaNi86 (2015-2-9): three pocilloporids samples (see below) though no seriatoporids observed.

PaNi86 sampled P. acuta colonies (n=3)

PaNi87 (2015-2-9) P. acuta was common here but not sampled. Instead, I mainly sampled seriatoporids (see images posted below the site pictures).

Seven seriatoporids were sampled from PaNi87 (PaSe211-217), though images were not taken of the final one (PaSe217).