El Salvador-no longer a scary place. In fact, it's quite amazing. 

El Tunco-landed in El Salvador at 4pm and were at the beach (35 minutes from the airport) well before an epic Pacific sunset.

2nd day at the surfer's paradise of El Tunco

3rd day at El Tunco-surfer Ciao

Last day in El Tunco-not a bad way to spend one's birthday

El Zonte-even nicer than Tunco but with no crowds (got attacked by two geese, drawing blood)

Juayua-first stop in the "Flower Route" (Ruta de las Flores)

2nd day in Juayua-7 Waterfalls hike

Ataco-Ruta de las Flores

Ataco-day 2

Lago de Coatepeque-day 1

Volcanoes National Park

More Lago de Coatepeque

Suchitoto-the last stop

Misc-around El Salvador