Our second visit to the volcanically active site known as “Hot Rocks” (2019-1-20)

Dive site notes: 14:42-15:44 (62 min). max. depth=29.6 m. 30% O2. 26.7ºC. Worse visibility (5 m) and stronger current than first dive. Seriatopora caliendrum (SC), stinging hydroids, Linkia sp. sea stars, Stylophora pistillata (SP), small massive poritids, relatively high average live coral cover (ALCC) @ 15 m. High cover and diversity of anemones. Very dark at 17 m. Pea green soup-colored water. Fungia. Many fish but mean size very small. Yellow-green crinoids everywhere. Pocillopora acuta (PA). Spent long time with a sea fan coated in pygmy seahorses. Some large snapper @ 30 m. Plerogyra and Euphyllia both common. Strange colonial anemone living on stalks. Got good pictures. Common at site but uncommon at others (May 2019 update: actually, I have never seen that species of “tiger anemone” anywhere else since then!). Only snapper as far as large predatory fish though did see stingrays (as at first visit to site). Some small Acropora colonies in the shallows.