Komodo National Park (trip 2) dive #27: “Pengeh kecil” (2019-1-25)

Dive site notes: Some of the craziest currents I have ever encountered: upwelling, downwelling, washing machine, surge, rip tides, essentially every manner of water motion conceivable. Seriatopora hystrix (SH), Stylophora pistillata (SP), diverse Acropora spp. Need to check pictures as coral was spectacular (among best of trip), but it was difficult to take notes due to the currents. Had to abort dive early on account of currents (20 minutes). Pocillopora verrucosa and P. acuta, two turtles. Diverse and abundant Acropora spp. and Montipora spp. Stinging hydroids (got stung). Vase-like, foliaceous corals=beautiful (forgot species names).