Utah-one of my favorite states and one I have explored thoroughly.

Miscellaneous shots from around the state (2009 and 2016 trips)

Canyonlands National Park-Islands in the Sky sector (2009 trip)

Canyonlands National Park-The Needles sector (2009 trip)

Canyonlands National Park (2016 trip)

Bryce Canyon National Park (2009 trip)

Arches National Park-2009 trip

Arches National Park (2016 trip)

Capitol Reef National Park (2009 trip)

Dead Horse Point State Park (2009 trip)

Dead Horse Point State Park (2016 trip)

Monument Valley (2009 trip)

SR12 (2009 trip)

Moab (2016 trip)

Stillwater Canyon canoe trip (Summer 2016)-day 1

Stillwater Canyon-day 2

Stillwater Canyon-day 3

Stillwater Canyon-day 4

The mighty Colorado River