Fam Island (10-21-18) and the Dampier Strait (10-22 to 10-23-18). This region includes the most beautiful hard coral reef I have ever seen: Melissa’s Garden (site 24).

Here are some topside pics of the gorgeous Fam region:

Raja Ampat (Fam) site 23-My Reef (2018-10-21)

Raja Ampat (Fam) site 24-Melissa’s Garden (2018-10-21). This is one of my favorite dives for coral on the ENTIRE PLANET. Hopefully, some of the photos do it justice.

I flooded my friend’s old Canon D11 at the beginning of site 25 (“The Lagoon”) and so have no pictures :( I also did not take pictures of the first site within the Dampier Strait, “Cape Kri,” which is a real shame not only because it was beautiful (even by Raja Ampat’s high standards), but also because it apparently holds the world record for highest number of unique fish species seen at a single site (i.e., the epicenter of Earth’s fish biodiversity).

Dampier Strait-the last region of Raja Ampat visited (10-22 to 10-23-18)

Raja Ampat site 27-Blue Magic (my first dive with a GoPro; 2018-10-22)

Raja Ampat (Dampier Strait) site 28-Mioskon (2018-10-22)

Raja Ampat site 29-Dampier muck night dive (2018-10-22)

Raja Ampat sites 30 (Blue Magic round 2) & 31 (Sardine Reef): did not bring camera (2018-10-23)