Nicaragua-my favorite country in Central America

Managua-is it really as sketchy as everyone says? Probably.

Granada-Nicaragua's colonial gem (and one of only two places with white people [the other being Little Corn Island])

Cruising though the islands nearby Granada

Big Corn Island


Las Penitas (beach near Leon)

Volcano surfing-as stupidly dangerous as it sounds (the bottom of my sled almost set on fire due to the speed I accumulated and the associated friction)

Laguna de Apoyo

Miraflor-farm homestay (a definite highlight of the trip; check out my "treehouse")

Matagalpa and Esteli (coffee country)

Jinotega and misc. highlands

San Raphael del Norte

Ometepe Island (an incredible place)


Volcan Mombacho

Somoto-where I almost died from getting sucked into a whirlpool. Still, it's a gorgeous spot.

San Juan del Sur