In September 2013, the Living Oceans Foundation's team spent three weeks surveying reefs of Tonga.....during humpback season.

Data availability

  1. The first manuscript describing my biomarker profiling analysis of pocilloporid corals sampled across the Tongan archipelago can be found here.

    A: Here are all data associated with the aforementioned manuscript. I have also overlaid the data files and links to NCBI mitochondrial open reading frame sequences (used for host genotyping) on the images of the colonies posted on this website. For all data in the same JMP file, please click here. For the data from the P. damicornis and P. acuta samples only, please click here (JMP file).

    B: Here is a spreadsheet with all the NCBI accession numbers.

    C: Here is the manuscript’s appendix, which features, amongst other things, very well written site descriptions thanks to co-author Alex Dempsey of LOF (I wish I could write this type of site description.).

    D: Here are supplemental data associated with the samples (including extraction details).

    E: A compressed zip file containing all images of the sampled colonies can be downloaded from Dryad.

  2. Here is the Living Ocean Foundation’s Tonga field report.

  3. Here is a data-free map, created from shape files derived from ground-truthing work.


  1. This is the nucleic acid extraction protocol. The proteins have, regrettably, not been touched and have been precipitated at -80ºC in acetone. Any takers?? They are already in the US (unlike most other Global Reef Expedition samples, which are in Taiwan).