Far north sites: Pa39-41, 45, 60-65, 69-71, 76-78, and 81-82 (n=18 sites). The northernmost site of the central region, PaBb46, can be seen at the map’s southern region, with the southernmost Kayengall Atoll site, PaKy79, lying to the northeast.


PaNw39 (2015-1-23) Neither P. acuta nor Seriatopora spp. were observed at this windward barrier forereef site.

PaCo40 (2015-1-23) leeward barrier forereef. I have completely forgotten what the “Co”stands for.

PaCo40 sampled P. acuta colonies (n=2; PaPd68-69)

PaCo40 sampled Seriatopora sp. colony (PaSe96)

PaBb41 (2015-1-23) leeward barrier forereef

PaBb41 sampled P. acuta colonies (n=4; PaPd70-73)

PaBb41 sampled Seriatopora spp. colonies (n=4; PaSe97-100)

PaBb45 (2015-1-25) leeward barrier forereef

PaBb45 sampled P. acuta colonies (n=3; PaPd84-86)

PaBb45 sampled Seriatopora spp. colonies (n=4; PaSe108-111)

PaNw60 (Nw=northwest; 2015-1-30) leeward barrier forereef

PaNw60 sampled P. acuta colonies (n=2; PaPd107-108)

PaNw60 sampled Seriatopora spp. colonies (n=2; PaSe146-147)

PaNw61 (2015-1-30) lagoonal patch reef

PaNw61 sampled P. acuta colonies (n=2; PaPd109-110)

PaNw61 sampled Seriatopora spp. colonies (n=2; PaSe148-149)

PaNw62 (2015-1-30) barrier backreef

PaNw62 sampled P. acuta colonies (n=3; PaPd111-113)

PaNw62 sampled Seriatopora spp. colonies (n=2; PaSe150-151)

PaNw63 (2015-1-31) P. acuta was not observed at this site barrier forereef channel site.

PaNw63 sampled Seriatopora spp. colonies (n=2; PaSe152-153)

PaNw64 (2015-1-31) Neither P. acuta nor Seriatopora spp. were observed at this leeward barrier forereef site.

PaNw65 (2015-1-31) barrier backreef

PaNw65 sampled P. acuta colonies (n=2; PaPd114-115)

PaNw65 sampled Seriatopora spp. colonies (n=4; PaSe154-157)

PaBb69 (2015-2-2) lagoonal patch reef

PaBb69 sampled P. acuta colonies (n=4; PaPd116-119)