Only one day was spent diving the reefs of Munda. For images of the sampled Pocillopora spp. (SoPd01-05) and Seriatopora spp. colonies (SoSe01-06), click on the “Sampled Pocillopora spp. colonies: sites 1-31” and “Sampled Seriatopora spp. colonies: sites 1-31,” respectively. for high-resolution habitat maps, please go here. For both island groups visited, we placed temperature and light loggers at a representative site for a few days (normally HOBO Pendant or HOBO Pro loggers) to get an idea of the diel fluctuations in temperature and light, respectively. However, we did not do so at Munda and Gizo. Instead, we only have surface temperature and light (obtained from attaching loggers to the ship): full spectrum, blue light, and green light (temperature included within each of the three files).