Komodo National Park site 21: “Pink Beach” (2019-1-24)-1st of two dives

Dive site notes: A ripping current dive. We kept getting swept off the main wall part of the reef, but we eventually encountered corals (hard and soft) as we drifted along. 10-m viz. 24-25ºC. We actually had to relocate after 1-2 minutes to find a place with less current. Seriatopora caliendrum and Stylophora pistillata among most common corals at site. Most were fluorescent green or normal yellow/orange (not as many were bleached, as at the previous site). Reef ended at 15-17 m in most places, but extended down to 25-30 m in one particularly lush area. The deep wall was very complex with nice, hard coral cover (20-40%, maybe higher in areas). High density and diversity of small reef fish, though only a few large snapper were seen. Cool white crab living in soft coral (totally camouflaged). Reef ended in sand so struggled to stay on it. Eventually started drifting and encountered acres upon acres of soft corals interspersed with seriatoporids and acroporids. Finally reached large chunks of hard coral again. Soft coral was prevalent in abundance at all depths. Tubastrea, Pocillopora acuta, Isopora, beautiful, mixed hard+soft coral community at 5-6 m. Some small poritids and large Acropora spp. colonies at 3-4 m. Sergeant majors by the thousands. Reached a pier at whose base was a beautiful hard+soft coral garden going down past 10 m. 

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