News (june 2019) I am hiring a postdoctoral researcher to work on coral acclimation to high temperatures using molecular approaches (project is actually more flexible than this, but this is the central theme).

NEWS (May 2019) Attended the first COral bleaching research coordination Network (RCN) meeting at ohio State University and both caught up with old friends and made a few new ones. Thanks to Andrea grottoli and her team for making it happen.

NEWS (May 2019) began an assistant scientist position at NOAA’s Atlantic Oceanic and meteorological laboratory in miami, FL.

News (apr. 2019) The Living oceans foundation publishes its “world reef map.”

News (Apr. 2019) Received an “AI for Earth” grant from microsoft to use cloud computing resources (neural networking) to make predictions about reef coral behavior.

News (mar. 2019). Our “Coral Hospital” article is now in “online early” format. Full publication in April-June 2019.

News (mar. 2019). Received a Fulbright fellowship to continue my coral reef research at Taiwan’s national Aquarium in 2020.

Old news (oxymoron)

News (Feb. 2019). Returned from a research trip to Komodo National Park (Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia). Photos to come, but in the meantime, check out the “best of” here.

News (Jan. 2019). Second article of the year (more findings from the Austral and Cook Islands).

News (Jan. 2019). Check out the first publication of the year (invertebrate recruitment in Mexico).

News (Dec. 2018). Check out my new popular science article on coral health in The Conversation.

News (Oct. 2018). Check out some highlights of my recent trip to Raja Ampat (Papua, Indonesia).