I had the amazing opportunity to dive with Carpe Diem and Coral Reef CPR to co-lead a crown of thorns seastar (COTS) cleanup in the summer of 2017. Please click here for details of that endeavor or here for the field report. If you want me to lead marine biology talks on YOUR next liveaboard trip to somewhere amazing, please email me: andersonblairmayfield@gmail.com. Seriously! I've seen four whale sharks in my life over 20 years of diving....and two of them were over a 2-week period here in the lovely Maldives. For data and coordinates from the 2016 (long-term monitoring sites) and 2017 (COTS cleanup) trips, please click here

During these trips, we gave a series of informal nightly talks to the guests on a variety of coral reef topics. Here are the PowerPoint presentations for interested individuals (linked to my OneDrive account, so please let me know if the links do not work properly). 

1. Introduction to coral reefs      2.   Coral reefs of the Maldives     3. Crown of thorns seastar ecology      4. Threats to coral reefs

5. 2016 bleaching event in the Maldives

My collaborators in Coral Reef CPR made the majority of these presentations, and I urge you to reach out to them or peruse their website to learn about the excellent reef monitoring, restoration, and cleanup work they are doing in the Indian Ocean. 

Airport and topside

Topside (at sea)

Last day