My schedule and science-related activities over the next few months.


Winter 2018: USA

     1. Publish articles on how to assess coral health in the absence of pristine reefs; how do we even know what constitutes "healthy"

          anymore? Using datasets from the Living Oceans Foundation research cruises to the Austral and Cook Islands (manuscript

          currently under review in J Sea Res) and the Solomon Islands (in prep.). 

     2. Further analyze data from 2013 research mission to New Caledonia to uncover light vs. dark effects on coral molecular

          physiology. This will involve an intense proteomics focus.

     3. Analyze data from study seeking to determine the effect of elevated temperatures and pCO2 levels on the reef coral Pocillopora acuta

          with Dr. Hollie Putnam

January 2019 Taiwan trip: prepare corals from past studies for mass spectrometry-based proteomic analyses. I will also look at light

         vs. dark proteome differences w/ the New Caledonia sample set (for which we have light & dark samples from the same colonies).

February 2019: Possible field trip to Nansha Atoll (South China Sea, Taiwan) Komodo (Indonesia), or Puerto Galera (Philippines)

To-be-scheduled fun trips: Dominican Republic, Paraguay, Utah (round 3), Baja-Socorro